These cheaper Philips and TCL TVs can go from 60Hz to 120Hz when your PS5 needs it

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If you have a PS5 and haven’t upgraded your TV recently, then you’re probably considering getting one of the best 120Hz TVs out there. These sets can display double the frames per second compared to older or cheaper 60Hz models, meaning games look much smoother and more responsive – it’s a key feature we look for in our guide to the best gaming TVs.

But 120Hz TVs are more expensive – until about a year ago it was limited to only more expensive options, although now at least it comes in some more mid-range options. But it’s still something you’ll have to pay more for, even if it’s not as much as it used to be – and not everyone’s budget will reach the price of even a cheaper 120Hz TV. However, there are a few more affordable TVs that are technically 60 Hz, but can offer 120Hz support, with a bit of a twist.

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