The Spotify HiFi dream is still alive as the platform plans to do something “unique” someday

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No one can blame you if you’ve given up Spotify HiFi will be a thing someday. It has been two years since the initial announcement. All hope isn’t lost, though, as the streaming service recently confirmed it’s still working on the high-res audio layer.

This news comes from the co-president of Spotify Gustav Söderström sitting down for an interview (opens in new tab) on TheVerge’s podcast, Decoder. Confirming the existence of HiFi was pretty much the only clear answer he gave, as the rest of the answers were vague at best. According to Söderström, the reason why the level is taking so long is that the “industry changed and [Spotify] had to adjust”, but does not elaborate further. He does hint at the cost of HiFi and treats music labels as two major factors behind the delay, and again, he doesn’t elaborate.

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