The Apple Watch could soon get one color-changing band to rule them all

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Choosing the best Apple Watch band to go with your new smartwatch is fun or an expensive headache, depending on how you feel about it — but Apple could be working on a special color-changing band to match both your mood and your attire .

This is evident from a newly granted patent discovered by Apple Insider (opens in new tab) – titled “Color Customizable Watch Band” – Apple could develop a band with special “electrochrome features” that can match your attire or “notify the user”.

The US patent (opens in new tab) describes a color-changing Apple Watch band that will function using “an applied voltage” to move between “a variety of colors and color combinations.” To achieve this, the watch strap appears to be made of a fabric woven from filaments. These filaments are said to contain those electrochromic features, meaning they can make reversible color changes. A similar technology is used in smart windows, which can change from light to dark to save energy costs.

A patent diagram showing the possible ways in which the color-changing watchband can be controlled. (Image credit: USPTO/Apple)

The patent further explains how you could operate the chameleon-like watch strap. “The color selections can be made and adjusted without removing and changing the watch band,” says Apple.

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