Lenovo’s new Thinkstation PX workstation has up to 120 CPU cores, but it’s missing a crucial feature

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Lenovo released three new ones ThinkStation workstations, with the PX being the top model, a model that can handle two 4th gen Intel Xeon scalable CPUs (formerly known as Sapphire rapids). With a pair of $17,000 Intel Xeon Platinum 8490H processors, users can access 120 cores (240 threads) and 225MB of cache.

The other highlight of the new PX range is the ability to support four of them NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Lovelace GPU cards with 48GB of memory each, making them a great choice for traditional creative and data usage scenarios (animation, data visualizationsimulation, displayAnd video editing) but also for VDI (Virtual desktop infrastructure) applications.

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