How To Get Seagrass in Minecraft | Easy Steps

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If you are looking for seagrass in Minecraft, look no further! Here is a guide on how to get seagrass in Minecraft.

Seagrass is an item found in rivers and oceans that can craft many things, including torches, fishing rods, boats, and red dye. It also can grow back after being harvested, so there will always be more of it if you need more.

Steps For How To Get Seagrass in Minecraft

  1. go to a river or the ocean. Beaches will not have seagrass in them, so they must be from a river or a sea.
  2. when you get there, start enjoying your time in the water but don’t go too deep just beyond arms reach of water because seagrass is going to start growing, and it should look like grass.
  3. when you see the seagrass growing, make a hole and put your boat in it to make seagrass grow faster (if there is no boat, place dirt or any other block but not water block).
  4. count to 3 and get out of the water before that time because seagrass is going to start growing faster, and your boat is going to sink.
  5. when it starts growing, don’t get in the water because if you do, seagrass will come up faster but not 100% of the time (this might be fixed).
  6. when you see enough of seagrass, go back in the water and get your boat and get out of the water and don’t count to 3 because if you do, seagrass is going to go back down.
  7. when you get on land, cut all of it with shears or a sword by right-clicking your mouse button.
  8. when you are done, place all the seagrass in your inventory and break it with your hand or shears, then it is ready to be used.
  9. once you have broken down all of your seagrass, put them in a chest, so they don’t disappear.
  10. now do whatever you like because seagrass is not going to grow for another 2 minutes (I don’t think this happens anymore but might be wrong).
  11. please do this as many times as you need until you have all the things that require seagrass.

That was my guide on how to get seagrass in Minecraft. Comment below if this worked for you or if it did not work, and feel free to add anything I missed in the guide that might help people.

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