How Final Fantasy 16 is brought to life with PS5 hardware

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FinalFantasy 16 looks like the biggest and most detailed game in the series to date, taking full advantage of the PS5’s capabilities to deliver on its lofty aspirations. It is scheduled for a June 22 release.

The biggest difference that separates FinalFantasy 16 on PS5 from most of its predecessors, it’s the real-time battle system that goes for grand spectacle. This is done by leveraging the console’s NVMe SSD and GPU power for enemy encounters that just weren’t possible on older hardware.

A recent hands-on with FinalFantasy 16 of the PlayStation blog has dug deep into exactly why the RPG will become: “an essential PS5 title”. This can be proven by encounters with the Eikons, who are essentially giant monsters that you will face on your journey. Inspired by the Japanese Kaiju, take on all sorts of bigger enemies to see what you’re made of. From the first gameplay revealed, it seems to have more in common with something like War god Ragnarok than your run-of-the-mill JRPG.

(Image credit: Square Enix)

The battle seems to have had an impact Devil may cry 5 in terms of the sheer scale and cinematic flair. So if you are a fan of fast spectacle fighters, FinalFantasy 16 should serve you with the long combos that can be made and Eikon-themed special moves that are just a cooldown away.

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