9 surprising dishes to cook in a hot air fryer

Air frying waffle potato fries at home

The air fryer has revolutionized the way many of us prepare our breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not just for those main meals of a day, they’re also fantastic countertop appliances for filling those hunger gaps in between. But since humans are creatures that are familiar and tend to stick with …

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Is it worth buying a robot vacuum cleaner?

robot vacuum on dock

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to review some of the best robot vacuum cleaners here at BingoTingo, and honestly, no two are the same. Every robot vacuum cleaner that comes through my front door to review in my three-bed home brings something different to the floors, which is refreshing …

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5 foods you don’t need to put in the hot air fryer

Air fryer with foods around it on the table

Airfryers are the new (like) wonder in the world of kitchen appliances. That’s saying a lot considering they’re kind of vying for that lofty spot with slow cookers and multicookers, both of which have had their time in the spotlight. It’s a well-deserved honor. Airfryers offer people a healthier alternative …

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